We make an ever-growing list of health, beauty and home products.  All of them are made by us using natural products.  We do not use heavy preservative or ingredients that are called by names that we or you cannot pronounce.

Here is some information about our health and beauty line of products:

  • Lori makes her own lotion and lotion bars. They are made with simple ingredients that are safer for people with the allergies to the chemicals that are in most modern lotions.  If you are looking for an all-natural moisturizing product, look no further than our lotion and lotion bars.
  • Lip Balm is made in much the same way that the lotion bars are. The ingredients include beeswax!
  • Lori has been making soap for many years and she has slowly been offering it for sale. It is all hand made using the cold process technique.  All of the soap we sell has cured for at least 30 days before it is offered for sale.
  • We have a variety of polishes made using old world techniques. These include shoe/boot polishes and furniture polish.
  • As our supply of wax is growing, we are developing the skill to make candles. Unless noted, our candles are pure beeswax that we have cleaned or rendered our self.
  • And much more! Every once in a while, we will have custom craft items for sale.


We hope that our products will be welcome in your home.  If you see something that you would like us to make, let us know so we can try to develop it for you.