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Introducing Two Beekeepers

Welcome to the Two Beekeepers Apiary

The Two Beekeepers is an Apiary started and run by Lori Otey and Martin Szudarski. The goal of Two Beekeepers is to raise bees in the most natural way possible, produce honey and other related products such as candles and soaps, and eventually pass on knowledge to others.  Lori and Martin have deeply rooted interests in agriculture production, even though they live in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Illinois.  Martin grew up in a rural community and Lori has always been interested in growing plants and keeping animals.

Beekeeping will allow Martin and Lori to get involved in an agriculture related activity.  The first goal of the Apiary is to produce natural raw honey. A second goal is to provide healthy local pollinators in DuPage County.  The third goal of the apiary is to eventually begin working with the wax, which is a valuable bi-product of beekeeping.  Not only can the wax that is produced by bees be used in new hives, it can also be made into candles and even soaps. These items will be sold on the Two Beekeepers website in the future.

Lori and Martin have been working hard toward getting the apiary set up.  A few locations have been found that can be used to keep hives at.  The next stage for the Two Beekeepers Apiary is to get all the supplies that they need to keep bees at these locations.  Keep checking back to learn how you can help build our apiary, purchase some local honey, or honeybee related products.  Or just stop by to view photos and read some blogs.

Thank you for your interest and support

Lori and Marty

The Two Beekeepers