Nearly everyone has heard of honey.  Honey and bees are as synonymous as milk and dairy cows.  If you have one, you usually have the other.  In fact the goal of most beekeepers is to eventually get honey from their bees.  The Two Beekeepers are no different.  Aside from keeping bees as happy and healthy as possible, our primary goal is to get some tasty honey.

Our honey can be purchased at our store, at one of the events that we attend, or at one of our partner retailers.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey – Victor Hugo

what is honeyMany people think that honey is one of the sweetest, most delicious, natural substances on earth – and who are we to disagree!  In the same breath most will admit to having no idea how honey is made or how much work goes into it. For some, the creation of honey is a sweet mystery.

Natural raw honey has been known to have many health benefits.  Its natural anti microbial and healing properties have been known for thousands of years and only recently have been explained.  Honey has also been known to help bring relief to allergy sufferers.

Our honey is unpasteurized to retain all the natural goodness nature provided in its enzymes and pollen.  The only thing we do it is strain out wax cappings.  This way the honey you purchase from us is the smoothest and most flavorful honey you can enjoy.

The Two Beekeepers want to be your source for honey and news about beekeeping.  Please keep our beekeeping venture in your thoughts and our sweet honey on your tongues.  Thanks!