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Extraction And Screening of Fresh Honey

Nearly everyone has heard of honey.  Honey and bees are as synonymous as dairy cows and milk.  If you have one, you usually have the other.  In fact, the goal of most beekeepers is to eventually get honey from their bees and The Two Beekeepers are no different.  Aside from keeping bees as happy and healthy as possible, our primary goal is to get some tasty honey for you to enjoy.

Our honey can be purchased at our store, at one of the events that we attend, or at one of our retail partners.

Our customers have told us that our honey is the best.  To back up their recommendation, here is some more information about our honey:

  • All of the honey that we produce is from North Eastern Illinois. All of our bees are located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  So, if you live anywhere in North eastern Illinois our honey will be the best honey for you!
  • We sell raw honey that is as close as you can get to being right out of the hive. This means that we do not pasteurize our honey.  Pasteurization occurs when the honey is heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time, usually 30 minutes.   Our honey never gets that hot!  Nearly all store-bought honey has been heat treated like this.  Heat treating make the honey darker, changes the molecular makeup of the honey, and can lower its benefit to you.
  • Our honey is not filtered. We only run it through screens to remove wax, bee parts, and any other debris that you do not want to eat.  This means that our honey still has local pollen in it.  Honey purchased in the store is not only heated but filtered to remove all solids.  This changes the honey and it removes beneficial ingredients that make honey great.
  • We offer liquid honey in traditional glass jars, plastic bottles and honey bears, as well as some specialty jars.Cut Comb Honey Preparation
  • We produce a limited quantity of cut comb and round comb honey each year. Production is variable based on weather conditions and nectar flows.  This is the purest form of honey that anyone can get since it is still in the comb that the bees built to store it in.
  • We have creamed honey made out of our honey.  This is also known as whipped honey, spun honey, churned honey, honey fondant, and (in the UK) set honey. Because our creamed honey is made from our liquid honey, it unpasteurized.  The only thing added is a starter of already made creamed honey to get the liquid honey to crystalize quickly and properly.


Pure raw honey will never spoil, but it will crystalize.  This is ok, as that is one way that you will know that it is the good stuff!  If you would like to liquify it just put it in a pot of water that is not hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  We prefer glass jars over plastic for liquifying honey.  You must be extra careful with plastic.  Never microwave your honey! Microwaves will almost always overheat and ruin your precious honey.

The Two Beekeepers want to be your source for honey.  Please keep our beekeeping venture in your thoughts and our sweet honey on your tongues.


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